Famed Washoe basketmaker, Datsolalee, is buried in this cemetery. Also known as Louisa Keyser, Dat So La Lee, and Dabuda, her 120+ major documented baskets were made expressly for sale to Arts and Crafts collectors from 1895 until her death in 1925 under patronage of the Cohn family. Datsolalee’s baskets are prized by collectors and displayed in museums across the country.

Utilitarian, straight-walled, decorated coiled willow basketry is a Washoe tradition extending back thousands of years.  Datsolalee introduced the spherical Washoe degikup willow basket with innovative decorative motifs in bracken fern and redbud fibers.  She and her patrons promoted this craft to the public, elevated it to an art form, and, most importantly, motivated basketry production by other tribal members during a period when the Washoe were recovering from mid-nineteenth-century loss of their homelands and aboriginal lifeways.