“The rolling stones of Pahranagat,” a hoax article on magnetic currents written in 1862 by Dan De Quille of the Territorial Enterprise made this valley world famous.  Three local springs fill its lakes and irrigate its fields.

The Crystal Spring area, used as a watering spot and campsite, was a principal stopover on the Mormon trail alternate route.  In the late 1850s, this area was a haven for outlaws who pastured hundreds of head of stolen cattle in its meadows.  Although named as the provisional county seat in 1866, no significant town was built here.

Ore was discovered in 1865 on Mount Irish, and Logan City sprang briefly into existence.  A stamp mil was established at Hiko in 1866 to crush the ore, and it became the center of activity for the valley when it became the county seat in 1867.  It was the largest community in Lincoln County until local mining declined and Pioche claimed the county seat in 1871.

Alamo, established in 1900 is the valley’s largest present-day settlement.  The area now includes several ranches and the Pahranagat Valley National Wildlife Refuge.