Humboldt House or Humboldt Station was originally the point of departure for Humboldt City, Prince Royal, and the mines in that vicinity.  In September 1866, it became a stage stop for the historic William (Hill) Beachey Railroad Stage Lines.

As the Central Pacific Railhead advanced from eastern California, it reached Humboldt House in September 1868.  From 1869 to 1900, Humboldt House was well known as one of the best eating houses on the Central Pacific Railroad. It was truly an oasis in the great Nevada desert, with good water, fruit, and vegetables. The large grove of trees to the west marks the site of this famous hotel.

Between 1841 and 1857, 165,000 Americans traveled the California emigrant trail past here.  In 1850, on the dreaded Forty Mile Desert southwest of present day Lovelock, over 9,700 dead animals and 3,000 abandoned vehicles were counted.